Money & The Illusion of Power


This election marks a low point in American Politics—something akin to a reality television show—yet all march onward. Donald Trump should never be considered as possessing an agenda other than that to suit his own personal gain. Hillary Clinton should never be regarded as anything but a likely clinical-sociopath hell bent on power and willing to break any law that gets in her way of grabbing it. Any accusation either of these candidates have lobbed at the other has, more times than not, been true of themselves. Hillary lies about emails, Trump lies about taxes, Hillary flip-flops on issues dependent on political climates, Trump doesn’t hate Mexico anymore. For those of us that have seen through the veil and realize that the shit show paraded in front of us isn’t as much a spectacle as it is an announcement—I urge you to keep reading.

A New World Order

There’s an odd phenomena that doesn’t really have a word—it’s that moment you realize something you’ve heard of most of your life certainly presents itself to you, and you struggle to recognize it. Not that you don’t see it, not that you don’t understand it, just that you don’t immediately recognize it as the something you’ve heard of all your life. More times than not, this happens when you’ve seen a commercial for some sensational product that turns out to be utter garbage when you finally get it home. The same could be said for the little grease piles sold from McDonald’s glorious-looking menus. This delay of recognition is not insult to intelligence, it’s merely an adjustment period—as if you’ve spent a week planning a trip to the lake and finally jump in the cold water. Nothing you could have done while packing a week before could have prepared you for the sensation of that water. The ‘New World Order’ philosophy of politics—made infamous by George H. Bush, has been a ghost tale for years and years.

Ghost tales often produce fear, such as the New World Order has done. People have heard the legends of Politicians without a God running around on drugs sacrificing animals, people have heard of the ritualistic killings connected to public figures, and people have heard the admissions of involvement in ‘peculiar’ activities. Legislation has backed up this notion of a centralized band of illuminous conspirators, as well as money trails. The centralization of power among elite political groups and ‘think-tanks’ are near nauseating in their ability to side-step the American system of checks and balances. These so-called leaders seem to be playing chess with the world, having supposed nefarious goals such as mass genocide and public unrest. While the actions of politicians, the events of society, and the constant bombardment by the US Media make it very enticing to believe there is an unspoken underground within world leaders, tracing it’s legacy to other-worldly knowledge far superior to that of the average citizen. This group, as so many knows, is all-powerful, sees everything, and can control every aspect of our daily lives. That’s the story anyway, and it’s not hard to get sucked into considering the state of things.

Behind The Veil

Imagine if you will, a group of powerful leaders that have murdered, cheated, raped, stolen, and leveraged every asset they have across generations to gather power. Imagine they are seated among businesses across the globe, transcend elected offices, and are wealthy beyond terms simple terms of money. Imagine this group has their finger on the pulse of the US Military, and profit in many ways from waging a never-ending global war. This certainly sounds like the group mentioned above, but there’s one big difference—you need to imagine them as regular people like you and I. Sure, off their rockers and chalked full of sociopathic rage most likely, but people nonetheless. The vestige of dark arts and sacred rites they are so deeply associated is nothing but chink armor—meant to protect them from broad-spectrum damage.

Imagine you walk up to a regular guy, and he looks you in the eyes right before he pours his drink on the front of your shirt. You’re angry, you want to hit this guy—and he would deserve it! No imagine someone had just told you he was a world-champion MMA cage fighter; would you suppress your rage and simply move along? Most people would—it’d be the smart play. However, imagine now that some random guy likes to feel macho and bump into people, but is afraid of getting his ass beat. So before he bumps into people, he has a partner in crime tell of his cage-fighting ability before he arrives. The stage is set, his reputation proceeding him as he enters. THIS is the very play being made by those political ‘elite’ and power hungry savages called our world leaders. They spread rumor and lies about themselves from safe distances to minimize the amounts of blowback they may face. If an alien financed super-elite group with weapons beyond our wildest dreams were defending the status-quo, it’d seem almost discouraging to think of going against them. If they were just assholes with guns, well… there’s plenty of other assholes with guns.

The Universe is Hostile

Power is the only true currency on the planet, although in any civilized modern society it is so abstracted from daily life that few remember. If you get a speeding ticket, you pay it because—regardless of your feeling of civic duty—if you don’t you will eventually face a man with a gun and the threat of death. Sure, that doesn’t ever happen, but that’s the system. Miss enough court appearances, refuse to go with the Policeman that issues your warrant, refuse to leave your house—and you won’t receive a fine or a ticket. Men with guns will come to your house and make you do what the system dictates. Money is a huge variable in this equation, but a coroner never pulled six benjamins from the chest from a cold one, declaring them the cause of death.

The point is that this veil, this rumored superiority and untouchable nature of our leaders is merely a rumor started, perpetuated, and embellished by our leaders. Eventually, all things change and all competitors eventually face off. The status quo has been so ruthlessly broadcasting the message that the average citizen isn’t capable of contesting the system, that they’ve grown complacent and lax in their assessment. The ‘New World Order’ is merely a fictional role assumed by a political elite which disregard the power and threat of people in masses. They feel that class warfare will be enough to dominate their competition into oblivion before they realize the predator is still lurking in the bushes. For those that see through the veil, those that understand the game—a dawning change has began to take place  and they recognize it with inherent resonance. Any predator can recognize another in his midst, yet the most elusive are keen to wait, watching the movements of those that would contest their territory, only to strike when their competition is asleep at the wheel. Power isn’t found in the money of this world, power is found in the force able to be exerted by man and his technologies. No matter how rich the political elite become by climbing on the backs of the American people, they will forever be outmatched in power should the American people unite once again as a Nation.

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