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Focus on Nutrition to Take Back Your Health


The world is rampant with greedy corporate interest; the threat of ignorance towards the greater public good has become ever-present. Revoling doors between government agencies and commercial industry has allowed our nation’s policies to go to the highest bidder. New drugs are approved by the FDA for political purposes rather than public health. Our foods have become toxic; laden with commercial by-products more profitably used as fillers than disposed of at a premium. Plastics are found in breads, fiberglasses found in toothpaste, and bizarrely-engineered GMO organisms found in nearly all processed foods. It has come a time that your health is Dependant on your ability to take control of your foods and nutrition. Organic foods, juicers, and dietary supplements are all powerful tools used to fight for total health freedom. By using these tools, among others, you can help forge a path forward for yourself and your family, which will help to fortify resilience in the face of this modern threat.

Going Organic

The organic industry is a quickly growing consumer market, having reached 43 billion in sales in 2015. This is an indicator to just how many people are making the decision to use Organic products, and eat Organic foods. The USDA Certified Organic label on foods means that no synthetic pesticides such as Roundup were used during production, and that only non-GMO ingredients are present in the final product. Now, that’s a bit of a guideline and just like everything FDA—they favor larger corporations. Take Smucker’s Organic Peanut Butter for example, which is labeled as USDA Organic, and also contains a note saying that it is GMO-free. This product also has a small, finely-printed portion of it’s label that notifies the buyer that is may contain some GMO ingredients. How they are able to get away with such infallible half-hearted attempts is unknown—but certainly not respected. This example demonstrates circumstance in which your should take away two valuable lessons; one, being that the FDA will favor larger companies and let them bend the rules and, two, that you must read your labels and research the brands you buy. Many people feel that a government run on corporate interest and money is no longer democratic—and they’re wrong. America’s core democratic process is still very much intact, it just requires that you vote with your wallet rather than a ballot. That means everytime you choose to buy a trusted Organic food producer’s product over some behemoth like Smucker’s, you are telling the industry that you believe Smucker’s isn’t an honest company—or at least shouldn’t be relied upon to provide quality Organic foods. You don’t have to wait 4 years for to cast these votes, you cast them everyday.

Juicing for More Complete Nutrition

Another piece of this modern puzzle of health is the balance of overall nutrition. When foods are produced on such alarmingly-large scales, ignore crop rotation methods, and are hosed with glyphosate prior to sale—you simply can’t get the number of vitamins and minerals from them that you should be able to. This leaves people suffering from such conditions as magnesium deficiencies, chronic conditions such as fatigue, and according to recent data alarming high prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes. Buying Organic foods is a great way to have access to better overall nutrition from your foods, but to catch up on lost time it helps to use such machines as juicers to help unlock the fullest amount of nutrition. The best juicers are able to finely-chop your produce, producing a liquid form, which contains a greater density of vitamins and minerals than when eaten in whole form. Many of the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are locked away in tough-to-break cellular structures that are hard for your digestive system to access. By juicing your fruits and vegetables first, you are not only unlocking a fuller profile of nutrition, you are also lessening the amount of work your digestive system has to do.  Juicing is recommended by many health professionals as a great way to help being healing issues centered in the digestive system such as allergies, leaky gut syndrome, gluten issues, and food intolerances. Modern health involves many modern approaches in order to fight against the many risks we face, and using juicers is a powerful ally in the battle.

Supplements Fill the Gaps

Between Organic foods and juicing, you’ll be able to really help beef-up your health, but many find that even these two steps leave room for improvement. Currently, the FDA regards just about any compound that isn’t able to have a patent filed for it as a dietary supplement. This is a very dynamic circumstance, but is regarded by many as being centered around few core influences. One, if a compound is natural—meaning that it can be found in nature without recombinant processing—it can’t be patented. This means that companies can’t patent products, and they can’t control their competition. Supplements that are regarded by many as being very capable of helping to treat many serious diseases are available without prescription. Many of the same compounds that require prescriptions in other areas of the world are available for purchase in the United States just like you might buy toothpaste. This is great if you know the game, but unfortunately leaves a great deal of danger in the consumer supplement market. Many generic and store brands contain fillers, unlisted ingredients, or may not even contain any of the main ingredient. There is little regulation without large commercial interest, so it’s important to purchase from supplement brands that are trusted by doctors to contain only the purest ingredients. Supplements offer a powerful means for many to help fill gaps in their diet, such as people avoiding dairy. Supplements are also a great way to plan for times where nutrition may be tough, such as in states of emergency. If you have ample supplements ensuring proper nutritional balance, you really need only focus on overall caloric intake after that. This would enable you to use easily storable food items as pillars of your diet safely, without the worry of developing nutritional deficiencies.

Fight for the Future

The direction of the United States’ future has never been as uncertain. Division among the United States’ citizens has never been larger. Corporate interests have firmly cemented themselves into positions of influence within Washington D.C. Regulatory agencies such as the FDA, meant to protect and advocate for consumers, have become little more than veils used to guise corporate influence. All of this powerful shifting of dynamic has left us with a horrible state of affairs when it comes to our health. Disease rates are skyrocketing, health insurance costs are rising, and quality of care is declining. Moreso now than ever-before, it is up to the individual to ensure proper health and nutrition for themselves and their families. By purchasing only Organic foods, taking advantage of dietary supplements, and utilizing modern technology like juicers, you can help improve your health and overall wellness dramatically. There are few things more important in our lives than our health, through which all other things are affected. Take action quickly, consistently, and with a ample amount of researched opinion.

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