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McMullin May Need A Game Changer To Win Utah

It’s clear that Evan McMullin’s surge from unknown to contender to win Utah — and become the first nonmajor party candidate to win a state since 1968 — is real. Virtually every Utah poll that comes out now has him in a …


Race tightening, Trump goes hard after ‘Obamacare’

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. (AP) — Momentum flagging, Hillary Clinton reminded swing state voters Tuesday what they may dislike about Donald Trump. Her GOP rival homed in on the FBI’s renewed examination of her emails and the rising premiums for “Obamacare,” capitalizing …


WATCH: Paul Ryan Says He Has Already Cast His Ballot For Trump

The Republican presidential nominee and the House speaker have had a tortured relationship with each other all year. After Trump became the GOP’s presumptive candidate, Ryan held off on endorsing him for several weeks.And after Ryan did make that endorsement — in …


Top GOP congressman laughs his way to possible defeat

ORLANDO, Fla. — John Mica is facing his toughest reelection bid in more than two decades, as he’s buffeted by Donald Trump headwinds, a well-funded Democratic challenger and a redrawn voting district. But at a canvassing kickoff just over two weeks before …


Corruption at DOJ: ‘Pursue Tea Party, Ignore Clinton’

From Breitbart: Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discussed his organization’s quest to obtain FBI records from the Clinton email investigation on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. “We’re looking for all the records on the email investigation – the 302s, the other back-and-forths that documents detail when the FBI started battling on […]


Trump Takes Over the Tea Party

Story From Vice: When the tea party movement came to prominence in the summer of 2009, adherents proclaimed they were guided by conservative principles forgotten in the big-spending years of George W. Bush. Republicans who didn’t adhere to their strict ideological interpretation of the Constitution were labeled RINOs (Republicans in name only). The tea partiers’ […]


The Clinton Body Count: An American Legacy

Many people despise Hillary Clinton—and that’s not counting the federal prosecutors that have been nipping at her toes constantly. Hillary Clinton haters cling most-closely to her infamous email handling and her choice to use private email servers for her many of her official communications as Secretary of State. This was illegal, this was premeditated, and […]


Ted Cruz Survives Tormenting Election

From USA Today: AUSTIN — Ted Cruz has ricocheted from top-tier Republican presidential candidate to reluctant surrogate for political nemesis Donald Trump. A low point came last month when a video surfaced of the Texas senator calling voters and encouraging them to go to the polls while sitting in front of a wall plastered with posters […]

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