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TrumpBeat: There Is No Pivot

Welcome to TrumpBeat, FiveThirtyEight’s new weekly feature looking at how developments in Washington affect people in the real world. We’re still experimenting with the format, so tell us what you think. Email us or drop a note in the comments. Donald Trump’s …


5 Charts To Watch As Impact Of Trump Win Unfolds

Whether it was tanking the Mexican Peso or boosting the price of gold, the often acrimonious and sometimes downright bizarre 2016 election has already left its mark on the financial markets over the last year. Here are 5 charts to keep an …


Argentina ex-leader Cristina Fernandez charged in corruption case

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has been charged over corruption allegations.A federal judge approved charges of illicit association and fraudulent administration against Ms Fernandez.It is alleged that her government steered public contracts to a businessman close to her family.Ms Fernandez …


Putin’s Hit Teams Of “Chechen Killers” Head For Syria

Having recently won the crucial battle for Aleppo, which has changed the layout of the ongoing Syrian proxy war between the Assad regime (with the Kremlin’s backing), and “rebel” forces including various Al-Qaeda elements (supported by the US-led alliance), hardly content with …

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