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Europe Proposes “Restrictions On Payments In Cash”

Having discontinued its production of EUR500 banknotes, it appears Europe is charging towards the utopian dream of a cashless society. Just days after Davos’ elites discussed why the world needs to “get rid of currency,” the European Commission has introduced a proposal …


At Least 25 Million Dead and Fraudulent “Registered Voters” in 2016

A study revealing that over 800,000 non-citizens voted for Hillary Clinton doesn’t account for dead and fraudulent voters, which accounted for over 25 million “registered voters” during the 2012 presidential election – and little has changed since then.Illegal alien voters combined with …


The U.S. just had its worst year of economic growth since 2011

The U.S. economy expanded 1.9 percent between October and December, government data showed Friday morning, capping off a long period of tepid expansion under the Obama administration.For the full-year 2016, the economy grew 1.6 percent, the lowest reading on record since 2011 …


Fed: Wages And Worker Shortages Are Growing

A report of data prepared for the Federal Reserve’s policy-setting meeting which begins at the end of this month suggests the U.S. economy is on a steady path, with prospects for further improvement. The Fed’s Beige Book shows that economic growth has …


TrumpBeat: There Is No Pivot

Welcome to TrumpBeat, FiveThirtyEight’s new weekly feature looking at how developments in Washington affect people in the real world. We’re still experimenting with the format, so tell us what you think. Email us or drop a note in the comments. Donald Trump’s …


5 Charts To Watch As Impact Of Trump Win Unfolds

Whether it was tanking the Mexican Peso or boosting the price of gold, the often acrimonious and sometimes downright bizarre 2016 election has already left its mark on the financial markets over the last year. Here are 5 charts to keep an …


Trump: Mattis’ view on torture will override his own beliefs

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Friday that his defense secretary’s opposition to torture would override his own belief that enhanced interrogation “does work,” quietly giving ground after growing public concern about a return to Bush-era use of waterboarding and other …


McCain thinks Trump will face foreign crisis early in presidency

Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain told Republican lawmakers that President Donald Trump is likely to face a foreign policy crisis early in his presidency, and that Congress needs to back up the new commander-in-chief.”I think President Trump will probably be tested by …

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